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Adult Coloring Book Notebook with Calculator & Sticky Notes and Spiral Flags & Sticky Notes Book

Enter Message at the Bottom of Coloring Book: Meditate in Color
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This Personalized Book Set is the perfect gift for friends colleagues or family members. Comes with three books. Specifications and Dimensions for Relaxation Book: Comes with 12 different color pencils 30 pages of beautiful drawings to color in and 30 blank pages to create your own art. Width = 5.75" inches Length = 7.75" inches Note: It is out of our control if the pencil tips are affected during the shipping process. Simply sharpen the tips if this may happen to begin your masterpieces! Specifications and Dimensions for Notebook with Calculator and Sticky Notes: Tri-fold opens to a solar powered calculator a notebook and sticky note paper and 5 rows of neon colored adhesive flags. Notebook includes 132 pages Sticky notes include 25 pages Flags include 5 colors 19 flags each. Specifications and Dimensions for Sticky Note Book (Please review carefully) Five (5) colored sticky note flags with 25 sheets (Orange Fuchsia Yellow Green & Pink) Three (3) rows of 25 full-size sticky notes (Yellow Fuchsia Neon Green). Dimensions : 8cm x 7cm
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