Twisted Wire Bangle with Monogram
  • Twisted Wire Bangle with Monogram
  • Twisted Wire Bangle with Monogram
Lead and dare to set a distinctive elegant style! Bright and edgy 'Gold Tone' or 'Silver Tone' twisted wire bangle across a personalize hand made 'Monogram' for a signature piece. Measurements: Monogram Pendant Measures 1.25" Inches
Monogram instructions: Option 1: The way you enter the initials in the monogram boxes is the way it will appear on your pendant (in the same order). You can always chose to enter the initials in what ever order you like.

Option 2: The traditional way for a monogram pendant is "FIRST NAME , LAST NAME , MIDDLE NAME". If you don't have a middle name, enter only 2 initials.

Option 3: You may also choose to enter only a single initial.
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Twisted Wire Bangle with Monogram

Item#: BG91595-02-GP
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